Nepal : At a Glance

Nepal, a land of ageless traditions, living legends, fantastic festivals and majestic mountains, commanding an unending attraction of fabulous forms of flora and fauna is a must visit destination for all seasons.Read more »

Concept & Vision

The Kanchan Human Resource Management Pvt. Ltd (KHRM) is one of the esteemed organizations established as per the Foreign Employment Act 2042, Ministry of Labor and Transport, The Government of Nepal with registration No.593/061/062 in 2006 A.D. with prime motives of recruiting and supplying competent workforce abroad as per the demand of company.Read more »

Services Offered

Basically, we select manpower through trade tests and other techniques. If special manpower with specific experience is needed, not only we mobilize our official network located in different districts, we also apply headhunting technique for catering specified one. We supply manpower only to those countries which are permitted for foreign employment by the Government of Nepal. Read more »