Documents Required

We require the following documents for legal regulatory processing by the Employer for the recruitment from Nepal.

Demand Letter Demand letter addressed to us on the employer's letter head indicating the number of vacancies, post/categories required, salary structure and the benefits such as accomodation, food/allowance, medical assistance, etc.

Power of attorney Power of attorney to be executed on the employer's letter head authorizing us to be your recruitment agency. This document should also be duly signed and stamped by the company and duly attested by the chamber of commerce and Nepalese Embassy of cencerned country.

Agreement Agency/Service agreement, that includes all necessary terms and conditions, to be duly signed between the employer and ourselves.

Employment Contract Employment Paper should address employee's job title or positio, basic monthly salary, duration of contract, accomodation, working days and hours, overtime, leave benefits, medical facilities, insurance, renewal of contract, and other terms and conditions. This document should also be duly signed by the employer and the employee.